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damon salvatore bio

Name: Damon Salvatore. Nickname: None. Birthday: Some time during the 15th century. Eyes: Black. Hair: Black, straight. Gender: Male. Species: Vampire. Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a. Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series. Initially, Damon is the  First appearance ‎: ‎"Pilot". During that time, they start to bond and form a close alliance to take down Kai. She gives him sparse information about the location while also asking why he cares. Casino test 24 later delivers wolfs bane, which Damon uses to further his torture of Mason. Auf den Schwingen des Todes. Enzo then came up with a plan for one of them two would drink the others blood ration in casino trinkspiel to build up his strength until the coming New Years Eve. Er verdächtigt Stefan aber es war Damon, der Maggie getötet hat, da diese sich an ihm für Enzos vermeintlichen Tod rächen wollte. Rose gets a call from Slater, who tells her she needs the moon stone to lift the curse, and a witch to figure the rest . Stefan shows up just in time to break Damon's neck and lock him up until they can take care of Kol. When Stefan inadvertently revealed that Katherine was a vampire, she was taken away by the townspeople. Damon droht Tyler, zu fliehen, bevor er ihn tötet. Elena, as a human, would be able to leave, but Damon would be trapped along with the others. Der Kampf endete als Damon Stefan etwas in den Bauch rammte. damon salvatore bio

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VERANSTALTUNGEN POTSDAMER PLATZ Instead, Damon grand national bets to trust her damon salvatore bio the manipulation and agreed to work with them to get Katherine out of the tomb. Er geht zu Stefan um ihm von Augustine zu erzählen, da er diese Zeit immer verschwiegen hat. In his father eyes it was a lesson for his elder son, as he thought that Damon had stole his money. Damon is with Stefan at the dinner hosted by Klaus. Doch die Chance hatte sie nicht. He was furious about this betrayal, though he chided himself for ever believing Stefan for a moment. When Stefan inadvertently revealed that Katherine was a vampire, she was taken away by the townspeople. Bio 4

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He then holds up a White Oak Ash Dagger which he has removed from Elijah 's heart, bringing him back to life again. C-- There's another vampire in town. Ian Somerhalder's MTV interview about Vampire Diaries. Damon arrives back at the boarding house to find Elena cleaning up after girls' night. Die Beiden entführen Aaron als Druckmittel um Elena zurück zu bekommen. This character biography may contain plot spoilers. To strengthen her case, Elena takes Damon's hand and holds it against her heart, and they look at one another as they contemplate how to know what is real and what isn't, silently considering the future of their relationship. In der Gefängniswelt sind sechs von ihnen gefangen. Take a break from the sexual tension. She chains him to a chair, which is ironically similar to the way he tortured Mason Lockwood to death, and questions him about the moon stone. Damon versucht Enzo zu befreien, schafft es aber durch die mit Eisenkraut beschichteten Stangen nicht. Damon appears in Elena's room, telling her that he will help her bring Stefan back, because even in his darkest place, he still wouldn't let him die. In general, Damon is fiercely protective of Elena and always puts her safety ahead of all else. Stefan attempts to convince Damon that becoming human would be a bad decision, but Damon ultimately realizes that one lifetime with Elena is infinitely better than an immortal one without her, and confidently believes her to be his soulmate. Klaus shows up and threatens Damon, wanting him to get Jeremy's mark completed earlier rather than later. It might even the playing field. Damon reminded her of their deal, but she admitted that she was unwilling to unleash all of the vampires on Mystic Falls, in spite of the fact that Damon had kept his end of the deal. When Sybil erases Elena from Damon's consciousness only to insert herself into their memories, Damon fights back, instinctively drawn back to Elena. That Jekyll and Hyde feeling, that switch, sometimes it goes off and you snap. Do you know that I am one of Mystic Falls' most eligible bachelors? He was close friends with Elizabeth Forbes until her death.

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